Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Britain was once great. Now is the time for Britain to prove it can be great again, by getting up off its knees and refusing to be brow-beaten by Brussels and its cohorts and leaving the EU.
Only the people of this Nation can make that happen. Only the people of Britain can show Cameron that we are not fooled by his ridiculous personal pantomime.

Why should the British taxpayer who goes out to work every day have to pay Child Benefit to children who do not even live in this country - children of Eastern Europe migrants. Why should our highest courts be allowed to be over-ruled by European Courts.
Only the British government was elected by the people of Britain. We were never given a vote or allowed to have our say on whether we should be ruled by a European Parliament of unelected dictators in Brussels.
Like Blair, who took us into a war based on lies told to the British people, Cameron also has his sights set on his own later high position in the European Parliament

We don't need to take to the streets in an 18th century Revolution - we just need to vote NO.

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