Saturday, 1 December 2012


 Hi everyone,

It's taken me a long time to update my website but it's been a busy year with two new books being published, BY EASTERN WINDOWS and THE FAR HORIZON and the third in the trilogy (Macquarie Series) about to be started in January after the Christmas break.

My sales on Amazon have been excellent since the first Ebook in my backlist went up for sale and I want to say thankyou to all my readers, especially those who have taken the time to send me their compliments and write such good reviews about my Irish series, THE LIBERT TRILOGY.

TREAD SOFTLY ON MY DREAMS  seems to have have had a major impact on a number of readers, including two separate screenwriters who have expressed interest in turning it into a film, but we will see. I'm not just accepting any offer. It's a very special story and needs a screenwriter with passion and visual vision  - not just the story and dialogue lifted straight off my written pages. But I'm delighted at the response to my novel about Robert Emmet's life story, which makes me think of a statement recorded by another unique man about Robert's story, ten years after the events:

'It's such a pity it all happened so near my own time, because it would make a wonderful historical novel.' (Lord Byron)

Of course, Byron knew all the details because he was a close friend of the Irish poet Thomas Moore, one of Emmet's best friends at Trinity College.
I'm also over the moon about those readers in Australia who have contacted me about the first two books in the Macquarie Series. I always knew the Australian readers would be my true test of whether I had done a good job in writing - based on detailed research - my interpretation in novel form of Lachlan Macquarie's life story - a man I knew nothing about, and only discovered him when I was researching Michael Dwyer's story for the ending of FIRE ON THE HILL - strange how - the stories and people in them being true - one book just naturally seems to lead to another.

Anyhow my darlings, thank you all again, and here's wishing you all a great Christmas break and a happy and wonderful, dream-fulfilling new year of 2013.