Saturday, 13 September 2014


Too many questions were left unanswered in Mazipa's judgement of the case.

Why did Reeva NOT answer Oscar from the bed when he first spoke to her  - allegedly telling her to phone the police?

Why did Reeva NOT answer from the toilet when Oscar entered the bathroom?

If Reeva was in the bed, Why did she not speak at all when she saw Oscar lifting his firearm?

No woman, under these circumstances, would have lain there and said nothing.

But Reeva was not there in the bed - she was in the toilet.

So Why did she NOT speak when Oscar was walking down the corridor - allegedly shouting "Get out of my house! Get out of my house! 

And WHY did Reeva have her cell phone with her if she had merely slipped out to the toilet for a pee?

And even then, within the toilet --WHY did Reeva not tap out the 3 digits to call the police when Oscar was shouting allegedly at perceived intruders.

These questions have not been answered - questions any reasonable jury of strangers would have been asking each other again and again in the jury room. Yet the judge has glossed over them.

Whatever celebrity and disability Pistorious has to live with - Reeva Steenkamp has no life at all now -- he took all that away from Reeva -- and Reeva from her family.

I hope the State and the the Prosecution Team appeal against this judgement on points of law. Many of her mistakes were elementary.

And,one cannot help thinking there is something "not right" about this judgement.

At times I have felt very sorry for Oscar Pistorius, but always I have felt more sorry for the dead Reeva Steenkamp, and the awful suffering of her family.

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